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February 06, 2013


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My Tribe: Great Fitness Resources

  • CharlieWeingroff.com
    Charlie Weingroff has a doctorate in physical therapy, is a certified athletic trainer, former NBA strength coach and current strength and conditioning specialist. Great information from one of the best in the business when it comes to connecting the worlds of physical therapy and personal training.
  • "Do Work!" with Coach Dos
    Join celebrated strength coach Robert dos Remedios for his brillian insights into the world of strength and conditioning. "Coach Dos" knows his stuff -- and knows how to teach it to others!
  • Michael Boyle's Strengthcoach.com
    It's known as "the world's best source for performance enhancement information" for a reason. Join Coach Michael Boyle and the top minds in the industry. Worth the price of membership for access to the forum alone.
  • Perform Better
    If you need anything for your facility (or home gym) chances are the good folks at Perform Better have it. Renowned for their excellent customer service and unparalleled selection.
  • Functional Movement Systems
    Two of my heros, Gray Cook and Lee Burton (and friends) have developed an amazing system for health and fitness professionals to identify imbalances which can impair movement and contribute to injury. As Gray says, "Move well first - then move often."
  • Stop Chasing Pain
    Dr. Perry Nickelston is a DC and an expert in reducing pain using laser therapy. Great information on moving better and staying pain-free for life!

My favorite health and fitness sites

  • Strength and Conditioning Webinars - Learn from the world's best strength and conditioning experts in the comfort of your own home!
    Don't miss the industry's best presenters -- brought to you live at home through the miracle of the internet (Thank you, Al Gore!!). These extremely affordable webcasts give you the latest industry info in real-time with the click of a mouse!
  • The Strength Coach Podcast - A must listen to for the fitness enthusiast and pro alike
    Listen to the world's top coaches, trainers and physical therapists as they share their philosophies, techniques and training tips. Every episode is packed with cutting-edge info. A free resource, not to be missed!
  • Bettergolfwithfitness.com
    Are you in shape for golf? No really, I'm serious. Being fit can help you play better, reduce your risk of injury and correct swing faults. Be sure to check out Titleist Level 3 Certified Golf Fitness Pro, Anthony Renna's blog -- designed to help you get "your fat butt in shape for golf"...subtle and charming, but you get the idea.
  • Golffitnessproducts.net
    "Golf fitness" - nope, it's not an oxymoron!! Check out this amazing resource for all things related to golf fitness. Packed with tons of credible, free articles, videos, blog and a podcast on everything from nutrition, to the mental game to workout tips. Hey, they don't all have to look like John Daly.
  • Fitness Foresight
    Be sure to check out Tom Godwin's blog from the UK. An intelligent perspective on health and wellness.
  • Fitness Insights by Jamie Atlas
    He's smart, he's funny -- and he's an Aussie transplanted into the mountains of Colorado. Be sure to check out my pal, Jamie Atlas' musings on all things health and fitness.
  • HellerHealth.com
    Check out my friend, exercise physiologist and registered dietician, Sam Heller. She's brilliant and funny and has her own informative radio show on Siruis. Fridays 12-2 PM EST. Always fun and informative!
  • Visit Nettervillefitness
    Check out my friend and fellow educator, JT Netterville's informative and motivating blog for the newbie and fitness enthusiast alike.
  • Your Fitness Guru
    Check out my buddy, exercise physiologist, Liz Marmesh as she brings together the best info from all corners of the fitness world.
  • Bizzywomen.com
    Bringing high quality information together in one place to empower busy professional women. Topics include investing, finance, work-life balance, parenting, and everything in between.

Other Cool Sites To Check Out

  • Animals Love Snacks
    Enter the delightfully silly, brilliant, creative brain of my buddy, "JuRu" with the dada-esque "Animals Love Snacks". I have no idea what it all means, but I love it!
  • Antidote 360
    I'm a member of the Guru Group, a professional advisory panel working with new Antidote 360, an integrated marketing agency specializing in health & wellness marketing solutions.
  • Crazy Asian Gal
    If you like baking, Asian food -- or cats check out my multi-talented girl from Canada!
  • Home Sanctuary
    Want simple tips to make your home your sanctuary? Check out this great blog from Rachel Anne Ridge.
  • Skinny Latte Strikes Back!
    Check out the musings of Phil from The Land Down Under, as she shares the secrets she learned to transform herself from an overweight deconditioned woman to a fit and fabulous female. Very inspirational!!
  • Small Blue Pearls: The Flotsam and Jetsam of an Ashtanga Practice
    Enjoy my pal Loo's musings on her path as a yogini -- and life in general. Honest, funny and thought-provoking.